RFGraph Support

Using folders to organise your graphs

You can organise your graphs into folders, and even folders within folders. This makes it nice and easy to keep your graphs tidy.

Create a New Folder

To move a graph into a new folder head over to the My Graphs page, find the graph you want to move, and open up the actions menu (the three dots):

Now click the “Move” action and you’ll see this popup:

From the “Choose Folder” dropdown select the option “+ Create New Folder”, you should see this:

Give your new folder a name and click “Move”.

The folder name must start with a “/”.

You can create folders within folders using the “/” to split the folder name into parts. A new folder called “/Parent/Child/Grandchild” would create three folders; a Grandchild folder inside a Child folder, inside a Parent folder.

For example, to organise your graphs by date you might move a graph into “2022/05/06” to denote graphs created on 6th May 2022.

Move a Graph into an Existing Folder

To do this, follow the steps above except choose the folder you want from the dropdown, and don’t select the create new option.