RFGraph Support

Exporting a graph

Sometimes you need a picture of your graph; perhaps to put in a presentation, or email to a colleague. Here’s how you can do that with RFGraph.

First get your graphs looking tip-top. Arrange the nodes just how you like them, and set the visible parameters and outputs. When everything looks great you can then:

Export the entire graph

Click the export button on the right hand side of the action bar:

That will bring up an export modal with various options:

Make sure that “Entire Graph” is selected in the “Which Nodes” dropdown. Then press “Download”.


Export the selected nodes

Before pressing the export button select the nodes that you want to export. You can hold shift as you click to select multiple nodes, or you can click and hold down your mouse button for a short while to start dragging a box around many nodes all at once.

If you select nodes to be exported, remember to select the links that join them up!

When you’ve selected the nodes you need, press the export button and this time choose “Only the selected nodes” from the “Which Nodes” dropdown.

You’ll see a preview of what your export will look like.

Once everything looks good, press that download button.

Export the entire chain

With this option selected from the “Which Nodes” dropdown you’ll get an image of the currently selected node(s) and all nodes connected to it (directly or indirectly).

Image options

You can choose to change the background color of your export, either white or transparent.

You can choose the size of the image, the bigger the size the more detailed the image. Bigger images are also larger files, taking up more disk space. The options are 1x, 2x, or 5x.

You can change the format of the image as well, either PNG or JPEG.

Note that you can’t have a JPEG file with a transparent background color.