RFGraph Support

Read-only account permissions

When you cancel your subscription and your billing period elapses your account will enter a read only mode.

You will see this warning banner at the top of the page:

Clicking the renew button will open your account page where you can manage your billing settings and re-subscribe.

In this mode you will be able to:

  • Look at your list of graphs
  • Open a graph
  • See the simulation results
  • Move nodes around
  • Change the visibility of parameters and outputs
  • Export the graph

In read-only mode you cannot:

  • Create new graphs
  • Move, rename, delete, duplicate, or send graphs
  • Add new nodes
  • Change parameter values
  • Delete nodes

Generally you should expect that in read-only mode you cannot make changes to your graphs, but that you can look at them, and export them.