RFGraph Support

Sharing graphs

If you have a graph that you want to send to a friend/colleague then here’s how you can do that:

Find the graph you want to share in your “My Graphs” page, click the “…” button to open the actions dropdown, then click the “Send” option.

This will open a popup asking you for the email address of the person to send the graph to, and a message to write to them. Fill those in and hit send.

We’ll send an email to this person, including the message you wrote, and a link they can click to open your graph.

If the person already has an RFGraph account using that email address then they’ll be asked to log in. If not, then they’ll need to create an account before they can access your graph.

A copy of your graph will be made and put into their account, inside a “Sent To Me” folder.

Any changes you make to your copy of the graph will not be seen on their copy. The two graphs are separate.