RFGraph Support

Using groups

Sometimes graphs can get too big and unwieldy, it’s hard to navigate them, and hard to get a big picture overview. When that’s the case, grouping nodes can help to organise your graph and keep things clean and tidy.

To group some nodes simply select them all by either long-clicking and dragging a selection box around them, or selecting them one at a time by holding shift as you click:

You’ll notice a new “Group” button will appear in the action bar at the top:

Simply click the group button and your nodes will be collapsed into a tidy group:

When you need to see/edit the nodes inside the group you can either ungroup them or expand the group.

To ungroup simply select the group and click the “Ungroup” button that appears in the action bar.

To expand the group, select the group and click the “Expand” button. When you expand the group you’ll be able to see the nodes inside and make changes, and then easily collapse the group back down when you’re done.