RFGraph Support

Mirrored components

Mirrored components are components that always have the same parameter values. For example, if you change the NF value on one component, all the mirrors of that component will be updated to have the same NF value.

This is great time saver if you have lots of identical components that you want to update at the same time.

If you create a mirrored component with S parameters or multiple values, then the parameter value will be dynamically calculated for each mirror according to the graph it is connected to. In other words, it works as you would expect it to!

To mirror a component, click on it and find the “Mirror” button at the top of the page:

Just like copying a node, this will create a new component with identical values. The original component and the new mirror will have some symbols on them to identify them as mirror copies of each other:

From now on, any changes you make to either mirror copy will be reflected in the other.

You can make multiple mirror copies by clicking the “Mirror” button again.

In this example the two 50W drivers are mirror copies of each other, and all four 200W PAs mirror each other too:


If you need a mirrored component to stop auto-updating then you can un-mirror it and it will start behaving independently again.

To do this, simply select the mirrored component and click the “Unmirror” button: